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Internet driving corrugated market

22 Jun 2015

corrugated board fefco

Excellent product protection whilst being of low weight as well as an outstanding stockability: corrugated board is very well suited for shipping packaging. Corresponding manufacturers are profiting from the rapidly growing e-commerce revenues. The market research and consultancy company Ceresana has now analyzed the entire European market for corrugated board, solid board and cartonboard packaging. [...]


Cap production to reach 1.1tr by 2020

17 Sep 2013


Market researchers at Ceresana forecast global demand for plastics caps and closures to rise to more than 1, shop 1 trillion units in 2020.
Plastics are not only an important material in the manufacturing of packaging, no rx but also become ever more important in the production of caps and closures. Reasons for this are, [...]


EPS demand slowing

20 May 2013


Global demand development for expandable polystyrene (EPS) in the construction and packaging industries will slow down, viagra but continues. Important factors are the recovery of the construction sector after the financial and economic crisis in 2008/09, sovaldi state-funded programs to improve energy efficiency, malady and increasing wealth and population in emerging countries.
Average [...]