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Tetra Pack claims to be closer to a fully renewable package

10 Mar 2014

Tetra Top® with Separable Top

Tetra Pak?, malady has claimed today that the company made strong progress in 2013 towards its 2020 environmental targets, viagra focusing on developing sustainable products, site reducing environmental footprint across the value chain and increasing recycling.
Developing sustainable products
To make packaging products more sustainable, Tetra Pak focuses on increasing the use of renewable [...]


Paper industry focusing on efficiency

3 Mar 2014


CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) has published its latest report on the sustainability of the European pulp, paper and board industries. It shows that the whole industry, including cartonboard packaging, is focusing on innovation and resource efficiency while advancing the bio-based economy.
Furthermore, the European industry continues its good record on its environmental performance in [...]


Package which allows customer to separate plastic from carton

4 Feb 2014

Tetra Top® with Separable Top

Tetra Pak?, thumb has launched a product which will allow plastic to be separated from carton to allow suitable recyling of individual pieces.
Consumers can easily separate the plastic top from the sleeve with a simple thumb press, search thanks to the pre-cut perforation on the outer layer of the cardboard. This is achieved [...]


Long-life food study claims best environmental performance goes to carton packs

21 Jan 2014


A life-cycle assessment carried out by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), the environmental impacts of the main long-life food packaging solutions in current use have been compared. The study, commissed by a manufacturer of carton packs has not unsurprisngly found that carton packs have the best environmental performance compared to food metal [...]

Food and beverage

Ready to serve vegetables coming in carton packs

17 Sep 2013

liebig rgb

Campbells has expanded its Liebig range in France with the addition of new products. The vegetable side dishes under the sub-brand ?Cuisinés al dente?. In Mediterranean Ratatouille, click Ratatouille with Yellow Vegetables, rx Aubergines Confit and Vegetable Hotpot variants, recipe ready-to-serve vegetable side dishes are now on the supermarket shelf in carton [...]


Cap production to reach 1.1tr by 2020

17 Sep 2013


Market researchers at Ceresana forecast global demand for plastics caps and closures to rise to more than 1, shop 1 trillion units in 2020.
Plastics are not only an important material in the manufacturing of packaging, no rx but also become ever more important in the production of caps and closures. Reasons for this are, [...]

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