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Tesco and Carrefour have most recognised private labels in Poland

19 Jan 2014

tesco fruit

Tesco and Carrefour have the best recognised private label brands in Poland according to research carried out in December 2013 and January 2014.
SW Research found that Tesco private label products were bought by 64 percent of Poles whilst Carrefour products were sold to 61 percent.
Only five percent said that they never bought private label goods.
Respondents [...]


Carrefour plans to increase presence in Poland

9 Sep 2013

carrefour atrium

Hypermarket operator Carrefour, intends to enlarge its franchise chains (under the Carrefour Express and Globi banners) in Poland to 500 establishments by mid-2014 according to analysts PMR.
At the beginning of August the network consisted of 360 franchise stores (which was a result of 90 openings so far in 2013 and 20 closures since autumn 2012). [...]


Carrefour seeks to take over independent retailers through private label products

17 Sep 2012

Carrefour own label

As you may have read in previous newsletters or in the autumn issue of CEE Packaging, a huge amount of independent retailers in Poland are likely to go out of business in the next twelve or so years.  Carrefour however intends to exploit this opportunity to open up to 2,000 stores in Poland – all [...]


Intermarche to increase private label offering

15 Jul 2012

The French group Intermarche which is also present in Poland, cialis various Balkan countries, Belgium and Portugal, has announced that it is to introduce another 150 private label products this year.
The private label sector in Poland is growing very strongly although it is still well behind that of Germany for example.  It is no [...]


Carrefour sales increase in Poland and Romania

15 Jul 2012

Carrefour has noted an improvement in business in both Poland and Romania in Q1 2012 although as the company admits it is a ‘tough trading environment’ and gains in these countries go nothing towards offsetting losses in markets such as Greece.
Sales discounting fuel in Poland were up by 1.6 percent whilst Romania noted a 6.6 percent [...]

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