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Products Needed

Freezing facilities in Poland required

3 Mar 2014

box of veg with lady

Need to find company in Poland which can freeze fruit and vegetables packaged in cardboard boxes (not bags).
Please use contact form.


Local tea – in the UK?

10 Feb 2014


A curious display of ‘locally produced tea’ has appeared in Co-op shops throughout the UK.  It comes in recycled biodegradable cardboard packaging – which may well be local – but has the UK started to produce tea?

Industry Awards

Cardboard bottle wins German Packaging Award

30 Sep 2013

Deutscher Verpackungspreis

A bottle made of cardboard has won the German Packaging Award (Deutscher Verpackungspreis) in the ?Best Sales Packaging: Beverages? category, pilule which was this year handed out for the 50th time. The cardboard pack has a centrally positioned closure and handles like a bottle whilst having the benefits of a carton pack in terms [...]


Packaging law comes into effect in Poland

30 Jul 2013


In July 2013 Polish president Bronisław Komorowski signed a law relating to packaging and waste packaging which is designed to bring the country into line with EU regulations, there especially the 1994 EU packaging directive.
The government believes that the recycling system does not work and will not bring Poland up to EU standards before [...]

Industry Awards

Cardboard coil wins WorldStar award

31 Jan 2013


A WorldStar award in the category ?Other? has been granted for the Xfach Folding Coil made for Equisa AG.  The XFach Folding Coil is a multiple use coil for rubber seal, ampoule foam plastic strings, viagra cable and similar. The innovative system is constructed in a way that the coil can be folded [...]


Sales of polypropylene likely to grow faster than at present

2 Aug 2012

Polypropylene is one of the most versatile plastics. A broad range of products of day to day life is made from this polyolefin. Ceresana expects a dynamic growth of worldwide revenues generated with this second most important plastic to amount to more than USD145 billion in 2019. Especially the dynamic economic development in emerging markets [...]

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