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Liquid fertiliser launched in versatile pack

10 Mar 2014


Gardening giant ASB Greenworld has launched a 1L liquid fertiliser in a versatile pack which is filled at its plant in Soltau, pills Germany.
The essential requirements of the HDPE pack were an absolutely tight seal, viagra to prevent any leakage, and maximum stability of form against high interior pressure.
The design allows the use [...]

Industry Awards

Ice cream pouch wins gold

10 Mar 2014


Ampac has won a Gold Award from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) was a Gold Award in Packaging Excellence for the Schwan?s Soft Serve Ice Cream Pouch.
The Schwan?s Soft Serve Ice Cream pouch delivers soft serve ice cream in a portable, search at-home format.  The unique shape and custom fitment allow the consumer to [...]

Products Needed

Cap suppliers needed

10 Feb 2014


Flexible, healing innovative partners for lid and cap applications sought both for paper and plastic lid suppliers.
For plastic solutions we prefer “end plug” type of solutions as well as snap-on type of solutions. End-plug solutions with built in dispenser or other functionality is very interesting for us. Also snap-on type of solutions, no rx [...]


Plastic now more popular than metal for closures

4 Feb 2014

metal bottle caps

Over recent years, ampoule the economic downturn has encouraged a focus on cost and material savings in the beverage industry, view with the aim of delivering cheaper closures that require minimal adaptation of installed technology. Plastic closures have benefitted from this with their intrinsically lightweight properties and strong potential for innovation.
There have been [...]


MAP and CAP markets worth almost USD11bn

20 Jan 2014

ham russia

Although recent economic turmoil has put its stamp over many industries worldwide, malady the MAP & CAP industry continues to be robust and in many countries is expected to exhibit strong growth prospects.
Developed nations are experiencing a saturated state at the moment, advice in terms of MAP & CAP, but this can [...]

Products Needed

Caps required

6 Nov 2013

One piece hinged cap required by Hungarian food manufacturer for plastic containers suitable for pouring heavy syrop.
Please use contact form.

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