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Tactility communicates messages on a product

10 Mar 2014

Jameson Irish whiskey has brought out a limited edition bottle with glass embossing.
The new design for Jameson Irish whiskey is distinguished by three different depths of embossing incorporated in the label panel. This detailed triple layered embossing gives a more premium as well as tactile feel to the bottle by highlighting the depth and detail [...]


Packaging manufacturers consider brand protection techniques

10 Feb 2014

Barcode SATO

EU customs officials confiscated nearly 40 million counterfeit products in 2012. This resulted in damages suffered by branded goods manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in particular.
?The Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) wants to offer its globally-active customers standardised, viagra highly effective and cost-efficient ways to protect their products, mind ? says Hans-Christian Bestehorn, order [...]


Campaign launched to promote use of paper based bags

6 Jun 2013

Mondi Bags and Shopper Campaign

Mondi has launched a campaign to increase paper based bags? popularity among European retailers and consumers, advice following a market study that revealed a large gap in the market?s awareness of the advantages of kraft paper for retail shopping bags and carriers.
Mondi is a leading global supplier of packaging and paper and its kraft [...]


New invention speeds up time-to-market

6 Feb 2013


A new invention from the Danish, viagra sale TurnAvisual, capsule now speeds up time-to-maket for brand owners when developing new products.  Introduced at the packaging exhibition in Paris in November 2012 www.turnavisual.com offers packaging manufacturers, brand owners and graphic designers a completely new solution where the creation of artwork instead of going the [...]


European Natural Brands Focus on Distribution as Growth Rates Slow

13 Nov 2012

Natural & organic personal care brands are focusing on distribution as growth in the European market slows. New research by Organic Monitor shows single-digit growth is occurring in the European natural & organic personal care products market for the first time this year. The growth rate has dropped from double-digits because of the debt crisis [...]


German packaging award for Mercedes flacon design

25 Sep 2012

Mercedes fragrance

A German Packaging Award has been awarded a Mercedes Benz perfume flacon design.
Whereas the Mercedes of the publisher of this magazine may smell like a fish and chip shop due to the cooking oil it runs from, drugstore apparently this Mercedes fragrance is ?masculine, modern and elegant? (so maybe it also smells of cooking oil?)
The [...]

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