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Biotechnology in food production will reach over USD100bn

26 Mar 2014


Meeting rising global food needs will demand another era of widespread adoption of innovative, cialis science-based biotechnologies in food production that consider environmental and ecological issues, doctor nutrient deficiencies and other more complex issues.
The food system already looks different than it was 20 or 30 years ago: people are increasingly moving away from [...]


Plans to turn waste food into useful products using biotechnology

21 Jun 2012

ttz Bremerhaven Transbio Products

In food production, sovaldi sale large amounts of waste are generated which often remain unused. The simple disposal of these by-products does not just lead to waste; the industry additionally loses potential resources. The TRANSBIO research project aims to produce valuable biogenic products from waste generated in the fruit and vegetable processing industry. Protection [...]


Aseptic packaging : a USD35.8bn market

28 May 2012

World demand for aseptic packaging is projected to grow 9.1 percent per year to $35.8 billion in 2015. Advances will be driven by the increasing number of applications and the cost and convenience benefits associated with aseptic packaging (especially in terms of ambient storage and transportation). Strong growth is expected in developing countries, cialis [...]