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Compostable plastics may not harm recyclates argues study

20 Jan 2014

PET bales recycling

Up to 10 percent compostable plastics mixing with conventional plastics in post-consumer recycling streams show no or negligible impact on the mechanical performance of the recyclates. This is the key finding of a meta-study published by European Bioplastics.
Bioplastics are biobased, compostable, or both. Biobased plastics films are chemically identical to their conventional counterparts and are [...]


EU wants to reduce plastic bag consumption

6 Nov 2013

biodegradable bag

?Today?s proposal of the European Commission aiming to reduce the consumption of plastic carrier bags in the EU is an important first step in the direction of a more sustainable economy?, sick says François de Bie, sovaldi Chairperson of the association European Bioplastics in reaction to the paper presented today by Commissioner Janez [...]


Coca Cola to attempt new environmental goals

22 Jul 2013

coca cola wwf

Coca-Cola has announced that working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), sick it will attempt new environmental goals which include the further development of its bioplastic bottle and an expanded global partnership.
?At Coca-Cola, nurse we are deeply committed to working with partners to address our collective environmental challenges and responsibly manage the planet?s [...]


EC says bioproducts trigger growth

22 Oct 2012


The European Commission?s recent communication on industrial policy highlights biobased products as a lead market triggering sustainable growth and job creation. ?The bioplastics industry represents an important sector of the biobased products market, cure and our industry is playing its part in shaping this century with industrial processes sourced from renewable raw materials and [...]


Bioplastic demand could increase by five times

10 Oct 2012


The worldwide production capacity for bioplastics will increase from around 1.2 million tonnes in 2011 to approximately 5.8 million tonnes by 2016. By far the strongest growth will be in the biobased, sovaldi non-biodegradable bioplastics group. Especially the so-called ?drop-in? solutions, doctor i.e. biobased versions of bulk plastics like PE and PET, that [...]


European Bioplastics publishes guide for environmental communications

10 Sep 2012

EB guide

False or misleading communication of environmental product properties is a widespread problem in the marketplace. European Bioplastics, mind the association for the European bioplastics industry, sovaldi has considered this subject and today published its ?Environmental Communications Guide for Bioplastics?. ?Together with the bioplastics industry, we want to set a new benchmark for good environmental communication ? all along [...]

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