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Russia bans Belarussian pork

2 Sep 2013


Russia has blocked the import of pork and pork products from Belarus following outbreaks of African swine fever in the regions of Grodno and Vitebsk.
Exports of Belarussian pork have already been blocked by Latvia, ambulance Lithuania, sick Poland and Ukraine.
This is a serious blow to the Belarussian food industry as a whole as [...]

Food and beverage

Belarus bans Nesquik

10 Dec 2012


Belarus has banned the sale of chocolate flavour Nesquik following the announcement that samonella could be found in it in the USA.  Nesquik is manufactured by Nestle.
Authorities in Minsk claim that although the product has only be distributed in the USA, advice cheap some of the items could have found their way to [...]

Food and beverage

Russia bans Latvian pork products

7 Dec 2012


Last week the Russian health authority Rosselkhoznadzor banned temporarily the import of pork products from Latvia due to the outbreak of classical swine fever (also known as hog cholera or pig plague).  The ruling also effects exports to Belarus, medical which is in a customs union with Russia.
The ruling does not effect products which [...]


Demand for chicken growing strongly in Russia

9 Oct 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo Chicken infeed

Demand for chicken in Russia is growing strongly, viagra so strongly in fact that major price increases are likely to follow on from the thirty percent hikes already witnessed over the past two months.  

Despite increases in production and major investments in chicken production, cialis supply cannot keep pace with demand.  Russian importers [...]


Cement production in the CIS region to grow by 14% in 2012

1 Aug 2012

cement ukr

The majority of the CIS member states have overcome the consequences of the 2011 global economic crisis. GDP of every member state rose last year. Overall, patient store compared to 2010, sovaldi sale construction sector output grew in 2011. The government?s role in the construction sector has increased significantly. To stimulate employment [...]


Meat company in dog food deal

15 Jul 2012

The Polish Mispol, viagra sale owner of brands such as Agrovia, ailment Bono and Leppszy, has signed a deal worth over EUR2.5m to provide the Lithuanian retailer Maxima with own label dog and cat food for sales outlets in Latvia and Lithuania.
As well as Poland, the company has production plants in the Czech [...]

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