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Change in neck geometry aids filling process

15 Feb 2013

rpc2013.008 Kutenholz Paulsen

Alfred Paulsen GmbH & Co. KG assumed the trademark rights of Nowka Sauerkonserven pickle brand from Uelzen in July.  The company has developed new neck geometries on some products although it continues to use the same multilayer containers.
‘We will continue to market the products under the Nowka brand with the same familiar and well established [...]

Food and beverage

Customers looking to packaged and pre-prepared food for Christmas

18 Dec 2012


Many people still look to have a traditional Christmas and those traditions vary throughout Europe.  However whereas only a few years ago, illness that traditional Christmas in central and eastern Europe would have seen a great deal of work at home to prepare for it, online these days most people seem to be [...]