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Nationalism answer to horsemeat labelling problem

26 Feb 2013


Fears of horsemeat labelled as beef continue to hit Europe with products from a number of countries being attacked, cialis especially Romania and Poland.
For the German retailer the Rewe Group the answer is simple.  Resort to nationalism.  It has announced that henceforth it will only use German beef for its private label products at [...]

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Russia lifts ban on British meat

5 Dec 2012


Russia will lift the ban on British beef and lamb.  Beef exporters will be able to reach markets in Russia as from the beginning of January, sovaldi whereas lamb exporters will have to wait until April 2013.
The ban was originally placed on British meat as a result of mad cow disease (BSE) in 1996. [...]

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Multisorb to Introduce Active Packaging Line to Polish Food Industry

17 Sep 2012

Multisorb Technologies has announced it will be exhibiting at Polagra Food as part of the Food and Drink Exhibition on October 8-11, viagra 2012, no rx in Poznan, Poland. This International Food Trade Fair is expected to attract over forty-five thousand representatives of chain stores, wholesalers, distributors, and producers with an interest in [...]

Products Needed

Packaging solution required for ready to eat meals

8 Aug 2012

Ready-to-eat food processing plant is seeking a production and packaging solution for various products.
The product line:
1) Ready to eat Meal: Chicken/ beef and vegetable fried rice (no gravy)
2) Ready to eat Indian Chicken beef curry ? family pack (up to 1 litre)
3) Ready to eat Curry Lentil and meat
4) Ready to eat: Chicken/ beef grill/ [...]

Products Needed

Packaging for beef jerky required

27 Jul 2012

Packaging required for beef jerky.  Up to 1 million x 25 gm packets. No moisture, viagra air or light penetration. Long shelf life.
Delivery to United Kingdom
Please use contact form.

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Cows being fed wine to improve beef quality

23 Jul 2012


An idea has come forward in France that by feeding cows wine then better meat will be obtained if the animals are relaxed.  The idea is not entirely novel as it has already been tried out in Japan using sake.  The result is about the most expensive beef in the world but one which has [...]