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Russia likely to continue sanctions

24 Jun 2015


According to Russian news agency TASS, prescription cialis ask illness Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has requested that deputy premier Sergey Prikhodko prepare an extension request for continuing sanctions for the approval of Vladimir Putin.  The sanctions were made by way of a presidential decree.
Sanctions currenly include fresh fruit and vegetables as [...]


Let’s see what happens in Australia first!

5 Dec 2012

Australia cigarette packaging

The Australian attempt to make smoking unacceptable by the obligatory introduction of disgusting images on packaging has had its first effect here in Europe.  EU commissioner Tonio Borg last week started consultations to change the current directive on tobacco. Nonetheless this has in turn worried those who work in the retail business.
In many parts of [...]


Only disgusting packaging for cigarettes now in Australia

3 Dec 2012

Australia cigarette packaging

Since Saturday, help cialis sale packaging cigarettes in Australia, purchase must be done in a variety of  - quite frankly  - shocking and disgusting ways.  The question is will it effect sales in that country?  A number of other countries are watching keenly including those closest to Australia at heart – the [...]


Australian tobacco packaging requirement may not work

30 Nov 2012

Australia cigarette packaging

As from next week, seek anyone in Australia selling cigarette packaging that does not meet the law could face major fines of up to AUD1.1m.  The country has led the world on making cigarette packaging as unattractive as possible but there are those that are finding their ways around it – and even to [...]


Lid warns if coffee is hot or cold!

30 Apr 2012


A rather odd ‘smart’ lid is becoming available in Europe. The manufacturers claim that this lid shows the temperature of the coffee and in theory should warm the drinker if the coffee is too cold or too hot. As recent articles in this publication have shown, the food service business is growing very strongly but [...]