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Long-life food study claims best environmental performance goes to carton packs

21 Jan 2014


A life-cycle assessment carried out by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), the environmental impacts of the main long-life food packaging solutions in current use have been compared. The study, commissed by a manufacturer of carton packs has not unsurprisngly found that carton packs have the best environmental performance compared to food metal [...]

Food and beverage

Ready to serve vegetables coming in carton packs

17 Sep 2013

liebig rgb

Campbells has expanded its Liebig range in France with the addition of new products. The vegetable side dishes under the sub-brand ?Cuisinés al dente?. In Mediterranean Ratatouille, click Ratatouille with Yellow Vegetables, rx Aubergines Confit and Vegetable Hotpot variants, recipe ready-to-serve vegetable side dishes are now on the supermarket shelf in carton [...]

Food and beverage

Soups being packaged in cartons

22 Apr 2013


A range of soups from the Unox brand is now available in aseptic carton packs for the first time. Unilever?s Unox-brand soups, viagra sale rx in 1, buy viagra physician 000 ml carton packs, seek are now available in the Netherlands. They represent an innovation on the Dutch soup market, where [...]


333 billion aseptic packages in 2016

9 Aug 2012


The world market for aseptically packed products amounted to 123 billion litres in 269 billion packs during 2011, prostate according to the new Global Aseptic Packaging report from food and drinks consultancy Zenith International and packaging specialists Warrick Research. Volumes have grown by just over 5% a year since 2008, buy cialis with [...]


Aseptic packaging : a USD35.8bn market

28 May 2012

World demand for aseptic packaging is projected to grow 9.1 percent per year to $35.8 billion in 2015. Advances will be driven by the increasing number of applications and the cost and convenience benefits associated with aseptic packaging (especially in terms of ambient storage and transportation). Strong growth is expected in developing countries, cialis [...]