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Aluminium lids needed

7 Oct 2013

Aluminium lids required for yoghurt and milk products in Russia.
Please use contact form.


Aluminium prices volatile

20 Sep 2013

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The past 15 months have seen a continuation of volatility in aluminium market prices, viagra cialis with prices increasing from USD1843 per tonne in August 2012, decease cialis to a high of USD2087 per tonne in December 2012, to current prices of around USD1842 per tonne.
At current market prices, visiongain estimates [...]


Aluminium plant being constructed in Poland

14 Jun 2013

Aluminium packaging producer Can Pack has started construction of a 6, find 000 sqm warehousing facility at Brzesk to the east of Kraków in Poland. 


World’s largest aluminum recycling centre almost ready

6 Jun 2013

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Aluminum rolling and recycler Novelis has put a roof on its USD250m aluminum recycling and casting center at its plant in Nachterstedt, Germany. Located adjacent to the company’s existing aluminum rolling mill, the new centre will produce up to 400,000 metric tons of aluminum sheet ingot from recycled material annually, and is projected to be [...]


Retailer aims to reduce packaging by half

14 May 2013

waitrose meal

In a move likely to be followed by other retailers, ed the UK Waitrose announced at the beginning of this month that it had set a target to cut its packaging in half by 2016. The retailer has announced three major changes to its product ranges that will help achieve this target, see [...]


Metal packaging market worth USD96bn

4 Feb 2013

11 May Trophy__2011_Ardagh

The inertness, discount non-permeability and non-reactive nature of metal have made it an important component in the global packaging market. Aluminium and steel are used for several packaging applications, in various end-use markets such as food, beverages, healthcare, personal care, paint or industrial chemicals. For many consumer goods, packaging is also an essential way [...]

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