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Industry Awards

Call for entries for Alufoil Trophy 2013

19 Jul 2012

Alufoil reaches every part of the world we live in: packaging or helping with the preparation of the food we eat; protecting the medicines which help to fight disease and illness; in transport to make vehicles more efficient and sustainable; and in buildings to keep us warm, click cool or safe. The Alufoil Trophy [...]


Sales of alufoil for packaging down by six percent

27 May 2012

The start into 2012 was calm for the European aluminium foil manufactures in line with the European economic markets. The first three months showed an overall shipments decrease of almost five per cent to 204, treat 000t compared to last year?s first quarter according to figures published by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA).
Thinner gauges [...]

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