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Carlsberg puts alcohol in Pepsi cans

31 Mar 2014

pepsi max 6 pack

Carlsberg has had to recall Pepsi Max after a mix up with the packaging.  Instead of putting Pepsi in the cans it actually filled an alcopop party drink, pilule Ide Citrus Fizz, stuff instead.  Ide Citrus Fizz has 4.5 percent alcohol content.

1,872 cans were sent to Lidl in southern Sweden and from there [...]


Poland considering forcing drivers to carry breathalysers

15 Jan 2014


France has already introduced the requirement for drivers to carry breathalysers and now Poland is discussing the same measure.  Logic says that it is completely pointless as it someone has so little respect for other drivers that they drive under the influence of alcohol then they are hardly likely to carry around a breathaliser whereas [...]


Polish bishops call for ban on alcohol advertising

22 Jul 2013


Bishops in Poland are calling for a complete ban on alcohol advertising, sickness an increase in prices and limiting the amount of stores that can sell alcohol.  They are backed by a state funded anti alcohol agency as well as certain politicians.  Ignoring the fact that much alcoholism comes from home made brews, the [...]


Poles spending EUR2.4bn on luxury items

10 Dec 2012

Absolut Unique

Poles spend around EUR2.4bn on luxury goods each year.  The lion’s share of this goes on packaged goods such as cosmetics and alcohol but other goods such as branded clothing items also make up an important part.  KPMG sees this market as increasing in value and forecasts that it will reach PLN12.9bn (EUR2.3bn) by 2015.
KPMG [...]


Consumption of spirits increases in Russia whilst production falls

6 Aug 2012

absolut bottles

Consumption of spirits has increased in Russia by over two percent in the first half of this year when compared to the same period of 2011, an increase of over two percent.  Between January and June, Russians drank 644m litres of spirits.
The strange thing is that local production is decreasing.  Last year the country produced [...]