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Polish bishops call for ban on alcohol advertising

22 Jul 2013


Bishops in Poland are calling for a complete ban on alcohol advertising, sickness an increase in prices and limiting the amount of stores that can sell alcohol.  They are backed by a state funded anti alcohol agency as well as certain politicians.  Ignoring the fact that much alcoholism comes from home made brews, the [...]


Polish pharma market falls by six percent

22 Apr 2013


In 2012, pharm the pharmacy distribution market in Poland saw a decline for the first time in several years, tadalafil reporting negative growth of -6%. Companies operating in the pharmaceutical market are poised to recover their market positions throughout 2013 after the revolution triggered by the entry into force of the Reimbursement Act. [...]


Printed electronics could defeat restrictions on tobacco packaging

26 Jul 2012


A very curious article was published recently in the Financial Times which seemed to suggest that forcing cigarette companies to package their products in packs with plain covers might have the reverse of that which is planned.  According to the article, there at least one manufacturer is looking at printed electronics which would mean that [...]