Mars bars smaller, price is the same

18 Dec 2013

mars bar

I see that there has been a reduction in the size of Mars bars from 58g to 51g whilst Snickers have been reduced from 58g to 48gr whilst no reduction in price has accompanied this.

No doubt that this is due to the good nature of the producers who want us to think that we are buying the same product but in fact are taking in fewer calories, there in the case of Mars from the current 260 to 229 and Snickers from 280 to 245.  Apparently the producers want to limit the size of their chocolates to 250 calories.  Perhaps if they were serious they could increase the size of their other products to this limit without increasing the price of course!

carrte d'or

Bad one, Huhtamaki!

14 May 20131

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Next to nothing being done to stop cigarette smuggling

10 Dec 20120

According to the consulting company Almares, cialis sale some 7.5bn of the 51bn cigarettes smoked in Poland every year come from smuggling or avoid paying...


Australia cigarette packaging

Let’s see what happens in Australia first!

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The Australian attempt to make smoking unacceptable by the obligatory introduction of disgusting images on packaging has had its first effect here in Europe.  EU commissioner...


Australia cigarette packaging

Only disgusting packaging for cigarettes now in Australia

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Since Saturday, help cialis sale packaging cigarettes in Australia, purchase must be done in a variety of  - quite frankly  - shocking and...


anton lead-100dpi

Anti-Counterfeiting – When do we start to move into the right direction

19 Jul 20120

The Product Authentication & Brand Security Conference 2012, cialis which takes place this year on September 10-11 in Chicago, see is branded by its...


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