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Compostible bags may not hurt recycling stream

16 Feb 2014

biodegradable bag

A new life-cycle analysis (LCA) of carrier bags suggests that compostable bags can play an important role in promoting a bioeconomy and a resource-efficient Europe in countries where organic waste is collected separately.
The study was performed according to ISO 14040 and 14044 and was critically reviewed and verified by DEKRA Consulting, viagra Oeko-Institut e.V., [...]


Packaging manufacturers consider brand protection techniques

10 Feb 2014

Barcode SATO

EU customs officials confiscated nearly 40 million counterfeit products in 2012. This resulted in damages suffered by branded goods manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in particular.
?The Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) wants to offer its globally-active customers standardised, viagra highly effective and cost-efficient ways to protect their products, mind ? says Hans-Christian Bestehorn, order [...]


DSM adds extrusion grade to EcoPaXX polyamide 410 polymer portfolio

10 Feb 2014

DSM plant

Life and materials sciences company, stuff Royal DSM, treatment has added a higher viscosity extrusion grade to its portfolio of EcoPaXX? polyamide 410 for the film, fiber and monofilament markets following the polymer?s successful adoption by the market of injection molding applications. The new grade is designed to support customers who appreciate the [...]


Local tea – in the UK?

10 Feb 2014


A curious display of ‘locally produced tea’ has appeared in Co-op shops throughout the UK.  It comes in recycled biodegradable cardboard packaging – which may well be local – but has the UK started to produce tea?


Packaging machinery market worth nearly USD153bn

10 Feb 2014

AD screen wash

Whilst the effects of the economic crisis have negatively impacted overall packaging consumption, viagra sale the conditions that the crisis has created have proved favourable to the growth of packaging machinery. As a consequence of the economic crisis, there has been a change in consumer preferences and this has been reflected in purchasing patterns. [...]

Products Needed

Cap suppliers needed

10 Feb 2014


Flexible, healing innovative partners for lid and cap applications sought both for paper and plastic lid suppliers.
For plastic solutions we prefer “end plug” type of solutions as well as snap-on type of solutions. End-plug solutions with built in dispenser or other functionality is very interesting for us. Also snap-on type of solutions, no rx [...]

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