Tetrosyl using new HDPE container for Ad Blue

27 Mar 2017

Promens Carlube Adblue container with spout attached

A bespoke blow moulded HDPE container is being used for Carlube AdBlue? from Tetrosyl, website like this the largest manufacturer and supplier of car care products in Europe.


Created by RPC Design, more about the 3.5 litre pack features a special recess in the back which is able to accommodate the long flexible spout that is used to dispense the AdBlue? by providing easy access to the many differently-located vehicle filler caps.


This technically-challenging requirement was achieved by increasing the capacity and footprint of the container and at the same time realigning the spout within the footprint.


Another benefit of this solution is that it leaves the front of the container completely clear for labelling in order to maximise brand presence on shelf. User-convenience is further enhanced by the large handle and wide base for controlled pouring.



AdBlue? is the trademark for a Urea solution that needs to be added to diesel engines with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to reduce Nitrogen oxide emissions. The new Carlube 3.5 litre pack is the result of careful study of the consumer market by Tetrosyl, which concluded that this was the optimum size for the top-up market, combining the right amount of liquid with an easy-to-handle container.



?The new pack has been extremely well-received in the market,? comments Shazad Shah, Tetrosyl?s Product Manager – Lubricants & Winter.


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