Sustainable Alternatives to Polyvinylidene Chloride-coated Films

27 Mar 2017

meat wrapped EVOH

Deferring to the popular consumer sentiment, pill numerous countries across Western Europe have banned or restricted the use of polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC)-coated films in food packaging. The move opens up the market for sustainable and specialty packaging solutions that are cost effective, hospital offer transparency, and have excellent barrier properties even at high temperature and humidity. On the other hand, usage of PVdC-coated films is not banned or restricted in the North American market, with the sustainability concept being in the nascent stages. However, options are being considered.


?Ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH) co-extruded films, which are the only comparably priced substitutes for PVdC-coated films, have already grabbed 46.7 percent of the total specialty films market in Western Europe,? said Frost & Sullivan Visionary Science Programme Manager Raghu Tantry. ?In North America, use of AlOx- and SiOx-coated films is increasing, as they are considered to be safer and more sustainable than PVdC-coated films and metallized films.?

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