Mingustos use stand up pouch for cucumber

27 Mar 2017

Clondalkin stand up pouch minigustos

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast has developed an innovative stand up pouch for a new premium snack brand.


The Minigustos label from Bayer, is a brand for snack vegetables with a longer shelf life.  The first vegetable to be released under the Minigustos label is a snack cucumber.


The extended shelf life properties of the food are made possible with a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solution from Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast. The  combination of specially selected materials and a micro-perforation allows the product inside to breath and remain fresher for longer.  The packaging extends the shelf life of the fruits and ensures a crunchy taste up to 12 days after harvesting.


With its first offering from Minigustos, Bayer aims to fill a void in Northern European, Canadian, and US Markets where retailers and consumers have increasingly been asking for a tasty and crunchy snack cucumber with a longer shelf-life.


Anne Jancic from Bayer explained: “There is an increasing demand for snack vegetables and the Minigustos snack cucumber is the result of years of research and cultivation by skilled breeders and growers. But not only do we need confidence in the product itself but in the packaging. Key for us is to deliver a high quality product. Clondalkin Flexible Packaging were able to provide us with the ideal solution and we are delighted with the end result.”


Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast will be showcasing its MAP stand up pouch at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham, UK next month, stand C35.


Martina Fidder, Sales Manager at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast, added: “It’s always exciting to be involved in a new product launch and even more rewarding when we get to demonstrate our technical expertise and innovation as we have with the Minigustos brand.


“Our stand up pouches which offer sustainable, user friendly solutions as well as food protection and extended shelf life properties are becoming more and more popular ”


Minigustos snack cucumbers, are available in premium supermarkets throughout Northern Europe. Bayer has already received market requests from customers in Canada, Australia, and China.


Stand up pouches offer a lightweight, convenient, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging such as glass jars and aluminium cans. The option of all round print, together with  high quality, multi colour print options means better branding and shelf appeal. They provide better food preservation properties and extended shelf-life supporting the drive to reduce food waste.


Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast is based in the Netherlands. Its product range  includes high barrier lidding film for plastic cups or trays, multi-layer laminates with aluminium, microwaveable packaging for frozen snacks, stand up pouches and printed bags.


Clondalkin Flexible Packaging operates 11 extrusion, printing and laminating and converting production facilities throughout Europe and North America. It offers extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of packaging for multiple consumer goods and industrial markets.

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