Tomato fibres being used for tomato packaging

3 Sep 2015

tomato 3kg Silky Pink carton box enriched with tomato plant fibres

A process has been developed to enrich solid board with tomato plant fibres. Waste paper has been regarded as an essential component in the production of solid board for some time now. The wood fibres in the waste paper can be reused many times and consequently are a valuable raw material for cardboard manufacturers.

The possibility to make solid board from tomato plants was conceived some time ago in the Westland region, there ed site salve the epicentre of fruit and vegetable growers in the Netherlands.  Once a year, treat the tomato plant residue flow becomes available in large quantities from the growers and is composted. However, it has now become possible to not compost these plants but to turn them into a valuable raw material that, in combination with waste paper fibres, can be processed into solid board. This solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres has also become part of the paper recycling chain.

The first test products of this tomato plant board have been realised with a 5kg tomato box made of this tomato plant board. Recently, this new solid board was used to produce packaging for exclusive Silky Pink cocktail tomatoes for Duijvestijn Tomaten, the most innovative producer of sustainably grown tasty tomato products. These pink coloured tomatoes are popular in Asian cuisine. That is why, besides Europe, the 3kg Silky Pink Tomatoes bio based packaging is also being delivered to destinations overseas.

This new solid board was also used to produce consumer packaging for 0,7 till 1 kg vine tomatoes for Harvest House, the fruiting vegetables growers association. The tomato plant fibre was deliberately made visible at the inside of this consumer packaging.

Packaging tomatoes in solid board enriched with tomato plant fibre contributes to a maximum reuse of these raw materials.

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