New look for Icelandic yoghurt

3 Sep 2015

rpc2015.067 EasySnacking Logismose

Danish food company L?gismose has introduced a breakfast that can be consumed on the move in the form of a low-fat organic skyr, seek a yoghurt product rich in protein and based on Icelandic dairy tradition. The skyr is available in three different flavours – pear, quince and vanilla; mango, passion fruit and ginger; and blackcurrant and beetroot.

The packaging is  injection moulded in polypropylene, EasySnacking? features attractive smooth lines and gives a soft impression, quite similar to the texture of any dairy content. The key word is simplicity, as the pack has all you need – but no more than that. The spoon is in one piece, integrated in the lid and placed under a self-adhesive peel-off label.

L?gismose CEO Steen Olsen emphasises the role of the new pack in the success of the product:

?If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer that buys a cold dairy product to eat straight from the pack, then you will quickly come up with some demands for the packaging. It must be very easy to open to avoid any spills when the lid comes off and there must be a spoon in the pack which is hassle-free to grab and which feels good to hold and eat from.?

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