Ishida being versatile at Gullfood

3 Sep 2015

ish2015.116 Emirates feeder and CCW top view (PR shot) LR

Versatility will be a major theme of the Ishida Europe stand at Gulfood where the company will demonstrate a range of packing line solutions covering weighing, drugstore bagmaking, there tray sealing and quality control, look as well as its ability to handle many different types of challenging applications from sticky and dusty products to very small target weights.


Highlights include a new weigher specifically developed for granular products, a new high-performance semi-automatic tray sealer, a weighing and filling system for dried fruit, the world?s only single source  snack food packing system, a multihead weigher for high value products and Ishida?s proven advanced X-ray quality control system.


The new Ishida Cut-Gate weigher has been specially-designed for granular products, which can be easily damaged in more traditional auger or volumetric cup fillers.  It incorporates servomotor-powered gates which provide a gentle but precise opening and closing profile to ensure very controlled product feeding that preserves particle size and structure and also significantly reduces dust emissions.   The new system is typically three times as accurate as conventional filling and dosing systems.


The Ishida QX-300 Flex semi-automatic tray sealer is ideal for growing businesses that want to introduce top-sealed trays or for research and development work.  High-precision tooling is available for inside cut, outside cut, Skinpack and shrink film applications, while MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packs) can also be specified.                                                                                                                                                       ?/

The machine has been designed for maximum flexibility to meet the demands of short run operations, with simple controls for fast set up, and quick release features for speedy changeovers of films and sealing tools.


As part of its range of sector/ application specific multihead weighers, Ishida is demonstrating its advanced RV series model for dried fruit.  Featuring anti-stick contact parts throughout, it offers fast and accurate weighing of difficult-to-handle products such as dates, prunes and apricots.  RV models combine higher speeds – some 15% faster than previous ranges ? with consistent weighing at close-to-zero giveaway.  An improved user interface includes an ultra-fast touch screen for quicker and easier set up, while the CCW-RV can also be operated remotely via wireless access with tablets, androids and smart phones.  The hygienic design is IP69k-rated and maintains Ishida?s legendary durability and reliability, with a robust construction that enables the weigher to operate effectively even in the most difficult environments.

The dried fruit weighing system will be shown with a high-performance, user friendly tray filling system, fully controlled via the weigher?s touch screen.  The filling system can be mounted on wheels or casters for easy cleaning and quick changeover between lines.


Ishida?s iTPS? (Integrated Total Packaging System) software supports the integrated operation of an Ishida RV multihead weigher and Atlas bagmaker in a compact design with user-friendly operation from a single touch screen.  The system can pack potato chips at up to 150 and extruded snacks at up to 220 packs per minute.  Dedicated software and a servo-controlled sealing operation, with accurate jaw temperature and jaw pressure, help achieve close to zero giveaway and greater than 99% efficiency on a wide range of film types. In addition, a ceramic hot knife with enhanced, hard-wearing jaws delivers superb sealing properties, achieving the highest quality pack presentation.


The Ishida Lilliput or Micro weigher is the world?s smallest multihead weigher, ideal for high-value, ultra-low target weight applications at unsurpassed accuracy and speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute.                                                                       ?/

The weigher can handle target weights from 0.5 to 40g, and typical applications include spices and herbs, tea leaves, soup ingredients, nuts, seeds, tablets and capsules.  A small footprint means the weigher can fit into any factory, saving valuable floor space.


Ishida?s advanced high performance X-ray inspection system, the IX-GA-4075, can reliably detect even tiny amounts of foreign bodies down to 0.3mm in size, such as steel, aluminium, tin, glass, stones, hard rubber, plastic, bones and shells, at high speeds.  Ishida?s unique Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology enables operators to ?train? the X-ray system for greater sensitivity to specific contaminants.  In addition, it can spot missing, undersized and mis-shaped items or damaged products, and the software allows product masking and weight estimations.

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