Russia likely to continue sanctions

24 Jun 2015


According to Russian news agency TASS, prescription cialis ask illness Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has requested that deputy premier Sergey Prikhodko prepare an extension request for continuing sanctions for the approval of Vladimir Putin.  The sanctions were made by way of a presidential decree.

Sanctions currenly include fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy and meat products from the EU, sildenafil sickness ask Norway, cure Canada, US and Australia.

Sanction were put in place due to the ongoing agression against Ukraine.  European sanctions will continue until 31 January 2016 or until Russia adheres to the terms of the Minsk agreement.

July 2014 and reinforced in September 2014. They target certain exchanges with Russia in the financial, energy and defence sectors and dual-use goods,? the council said in a release.

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