Five of the worst bottom line killers in packaging

24 Jun 2015

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The market pressures that today?s packaging converters face are greater than ever, check and what used to be high value print is increasingly commoditised. If new investment needs to be deferred, viagra sale taking remedial measures in the meantime will make a difference ? even advancing the date when you can invest.

While this list is not definitive and individual companies may have different priorities, store by partnering with a control systems supplier packaging converters can address these issues?positively impacting customer satisfaction and profitability.

1. Colour consistency: This is essential when dealing with major brand managers. Colour needs to be consistent on press, press-to-press, and at multiple locations. Failure to match brand colors accurately is a certain job-loser. In today?s market, the only sure way of reliably delivering accurate color is by automating the process. The stakes are simply too high to do otherwise.

2. Long make-ready times: While flexo plate or cylinder engraving production is difficult to accelerate, good planning can ensure that plates/cylinders are on hand when needed. Other make-ready time-wasters to check include: Are you mounting plates as quickly and accurately as you could? Do you cut expensive substrate waste and maximize press production by achieving perfect colour and register quickly? As long run jobs should take no longer to set up than shorter ones, is job set-up streamlined and efficient?

3. Short runs: Flexo platemaking/cylinder engraving costs can decimate markets in short-run jobs. This is only sustainable when there is enough high-margin work to offset them. Automatic color and register systems and efficient inspection solutions can make incremental improvements. These eliminate job rejection due to printing faults, making a major long-term contribution by delivering increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

4. Failing to get peak performance from presses and finishing equipment. Do you have productivity targets? Are they realistic? Are they high enough? Are your finishing lines causing bottlenecks? How close to the manufacturer?s target speeds is your equipment running? Where are your other ?pain points?? Are you working with a specialist, professional supplier to address them?

5. Operator skills and turnover. An under-skilled and/or transient workforce can lead to a variety of issues that hit performance and profitability. No matter how automated your facility, not having the skills you need in the press room will impact the bottom line, directly or indirectly. Savings on employee skills won?t be savings in the long run.

The winning combination is to have both highly skilled and versatile operators and automated press control systems.

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