Internet driving corrugated market

22 Jun 2015

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Excellent product protection whilst being of low weight as well as an outstanding stockability: corrugated board is very well suited for shipping packaging. Corresponding manufacturers are profiting from the rapidly growing e-commerce revenues. The market research and consultancy company Ceresana has now analyzed the entire European market for corrugated board, solid board and cartonboard packaging. This includes cans, fiber drums and similar products made of rigid paper in addition to the popular rectangular cartonbard packaging. Ceresana’s analysts expect that the European demand for this packaging will rise to a total of about nearly 39 million tonnes by 2021.


Shelf Ready

The growing competition from Internet trade is already having a significant impact on stationary retail trade. It is therefore all the more important to design the local workflow as efficiently as possible and to present the products in an ideal way. In this context, shelf ready and retail ready packaging made of corrugated board are gaining further importance. Besides the traditional function of secondary or transport packaging, i.e. protecting the product and keeping individual goods together, further aspects are now coming to the fore: Due to handling and appearance, shelf ready and retail ready packaging are to be perfectly integrated in the process of supply, registration of goods as well as presentation and sales. Transport packaging is gaining more and more importance as advertising media and marketing space.


Perfectly Suited for Online Stores

Folding boxes made of solid board and cartonboard also profit from the growing importance of new distribution channels. It is decisive for presenting a product online that it can be illustrated authentically, rich in contrast, clearly arranged and visually appealing. A 360-degree view of the article should also be available. For all of these aspects, folding boxes offer the desired properties: due to their rectangular shape, they have clearly defined contours, offer versatile and high-quality printing options and do not cause any reflections when taking a photograph as they are not shiny. Being able to offer folding box packaging in different sizes complies with the requirements of the retail trade. When shopping online, customers more often buy, for example, family-size packs.


Combination of Cartonboard and Plastics

Packaging made of plastics replace other materials in many applications. In the segment fruit juices, for example, PET bottles are increasingly replacing the conventional beverage cartons; in the segment milk HDPE bottles are gaining more market shares. However, it is not always necessary to make a choice between cartonboard and plastics. More and more often, combinations made of both materials are used, for example for chilled and frozen food or even ready-made meals. A plastic tray as primary packaging can, for example, be combined with a secondary packaging made of cartonboard which is better suited for high-quality printing and brand presentation.

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