Groupe Rocher award for tube

10 Apr 2015

EcoTube Expert Réparation

Tubex Wasungen is one of ten suppliers which won an award from Groupe Rocher in either one of the categories Sustainable Development, no rx Quality, shop Innovation and Competitiveness for its plastic tube for Expert Repair Lotion with Shea Butter.

This tube is 25 percent lighter than a standard extrusion plastic tube. The significant weight saving is the result of the new SL-T production process. In this production process the shoulder is completely omitted and the cap is welded directly onto the tube body.

In the case of the ?Expert Repair Lotion with Shea Butter? the SL-T production process saves 8 tons of plastic annually compared to the standard extrusion production.

The decoration features the innovative hybrid print and in this case substitutes the label.

The Hybrid print (inline Flexo print and Silkscreen print) is reproduces fotorealistic images. The print quality of the shea butter nut shows the fine screening and can be reproduced as often as needed without the loss of print quality. The printing technology saves energy compared to standard offset print as less drying is necessary.

A further advantage of this tube is that there is no gap between the cap and the tube body. This feature is convenient when using such a tube in a wet area as there is no build-up of stale water in the gap which is much more hygienic.

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