Motorhome toilet spray adhering to chemical packaging law change

29 Sep 2014


Thetford has recently developed a new toilet bowl spray, treatment Aqua Rinse Spray; especially for motorhomes. Furthermore it is one of the first companies to adhere to the new laws through the creation of new packaging for its entire line of cleaning and toilet bowl solutions.


A new take on toilet bowl freshness

Aqua Rinse Spray has been specially developed for use in cassette toilets connected to the central water tank (mainly motorhomes). Aqua Rinse Spray is the solution to a fresh flushing cassette toilet. Just spray it inside the bowl before using the cassette toilet to keep the flush fresh and foul odours away. It also coats the toilet bowl with a protective layer and makes for a smoother flush. Septic tank safe (Test ISO 11734), this new spray can help reduce the number of flushes needed, but it also lubricates the toilet seals and helps to prevent staining.


A fresh new face
European chemical labelling legislation has been updated meaning that companies producing product like this could need to change their packaging.  In the case of Thetford, it has created entirely new packaging line for their cleaning and toilet bowl product lines.

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