Glass packaging body launches campaign

27 May 2014


Friends of Glass, view the consumer platform for FEVE, medical the European Container Glass Federation, will Look Beyond the Label in its new consumer campaign, launched on the 13May. The campaign will highlight what it considers to be the health benefits of glass packaging, outlining why it is the consumers choice when it comes to choosing the safest and healthiest food and drink packaging.

The Look Beyond the Label campaign aims to encourage people to think about their food safety and health. Even though the nutritional value and contents of beverages and snacks are outlined in the label on the packaging, it is important to look further, and also look at the packaging that your food and drink comes in. As it?s in constant contact with food and drink, consumers must be sure that the packaging they have chosen is 100% safe, secure and healthy.

The campaign launch was accompanied by the release of pan-European survey results, detailing consumer perceptions and knowledge on food safety and the role of packaging. The results show that every second European consumer cites food safety as a daily worry, ranking food safety as a key concern within Europe ? more so than the threat of international terrorism, or environmental problems.

With food safety playing such a crucial role in the lives of Europeans, the Look Beyond the Label campaign urges consumers to pay close attention to the safety of their food and drinks by also paying attention to the packaging materials used, and the health benefits or concerns they may hold.

The Look Beyond the Label campaign will be rolled out in the next 3 years, focusing on key themes that are important when it comes to choosing your packaging materials ? from the perspective of health, taste, and the environment.





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