Aldi private label product reduces packaging weight

7 Apr 2014

mozarella gruppo francia

Italian manufacturer Gruppo Francia has reduced the packaging weight of Aldi?s private label ?Cucina? mozzarella cheese by half in order meet a requirement of the retailer for lighter packaging and a reduced carbon footprint.

The current pot is less than half the weight of its predecessor, recipe meaning a significant reduction of the total costs for the packaging.  As it is made of a single material, mind polypropylene, it is easier to recycle.

Fabrizio Francia, owner of Gruppo Francia, explains: ?There were two major factors in favour of this choice ? the opportunity to have the Cucina label displayed immaculately on the pot and the reduced amount of virgin polypropylene per unit.

Aldi reports that Cucina mozzarella in the SuperLight pot is already delivering good sales figures.

Gruppo Francia is a family-owned business specialising in mozzarella and has three factories, including one in Germany. As well as supplying major supermarket chains in Europe with mozzarella products, Gruppo Francia is an official supplier to the Association of Italian Pizza Makers.

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