Biotechnology in food production will reach over USD100bn

26 Mar 2014


Meeting rising global food needs will demand another era of widespread adoption of innovative, cialis science-based biotechnologies in food production that consider environmental and ecological issues, doctor nutrient deficiencies and other more complex issues.

The food system already looks different than it was 20 or 30 years ago: people are increasingly moving away from where food is produced and are less aware of how it is produced. More and more people will be living in population dense urban areas, clinic creating the need for biotechnologies that will provide higher yields and overall increases in food production.

While biotechnology in food production plays a very important role, overcoming barriers to acceptance still remains difficult. Critically engaging in meaningful dialogues on challenges and benefits of biotechnology might help move away from controversy and create a better partnership between the public and the private sector.

Visiongain has studied biotechnology in food production and identified the main driving forces, barriers in development and implementation of new innovative biotechnologies, the benefits provided by these biotechnologies and various improvements taking place within biotechnology in food production.

Also, the performance of biotechnology in food production within various food submarkets is discussed. These are looked at from the different perspectives, such as: economic, legal, technological and social.


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