Design agency launched in Sofia and Brussels

24 Feb 2014

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Rowland Heming co-founder and past President of the EPDA (European Package Design Association) and 30 years head of his own company Pineapple Design, here has launched a new packaging design agency concept with offices in Brussels and Sofia.


Teaming up with Emmanuel de la Houssaye (former Creative Director: Dragon Rouge) and Katia Dimova (former Client Service Director: Design Board), the new agency concept is built to answer the design needs of today?s consumer goods manufacturers and is called ?Le Kub ? Boutique Design?.


So what is ?Boutique Design??

Like entering a small boutique and gaining from the passion and expertise of the owner, rather than the experience you get in a large department store, where you meet only the shop assistant, ?Le Kub? offers brand owners an individual, tailored and personal approach that supports their brands by bringing knowledge, innovation and strategy, coupled with real design expertise.


 ?Because of the unique experience and make up of the management team in ?Le Kub?, we are able to offer trainings, strategic workshops, and design analysis models that are essential in leading to effective design solutions. We believe that by partnering with our clients in the early stages of any project and to bring informed strategic thinking, means our design team, lead by Emmanuel de la Houssaye, can get to the heart of any project, faster and more effectively? says Rowland Heming ? Design Director & Partner.

Why Brussels & Sofia?

Le Kub?s new business model focuses on bringing knowledge, strategy, innovation and delivery to large and medium sized fmcg companies in both Western and Eastern Europe. ?Le Kub? believes that today, the world of fast moving consumer goods has become internationally accessible and transparent. It is therefore important that the people who work on such brands have an international background and a multi-cultural understanding and approach. ?This is why our management team is made up from UK, French and Bulgarian nationals. This unique mix gives us a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western markets, with the added advantage of being able to communicate in English, French, Bulgarian and Russian. As a result?, says Katia Dimova ? Commercial Director & Partner, ?since the company?s formation in October 2013, LeKub has already created effective design solutions for clients from the UK, Russia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey and Belgium?.


One such example is the re-design and re-positioning of SUN InBev?s leading Russian beer brand, ?Klinskoe?, which was launched nation wide in Russia in 2013. LeKub was asked to analyse the brand and find ways to make it more relevant for the target group, by building a strong brand icon, bringing back more beer cues and developing clear variant communication to improve recognition on-shelf. As a result, post launch research showed that the new logo and ?K? icon had significantly improved on-shelf visibility of the brand making it more efficient and flexible. This allowed the brand to be increasingly daring and impactful, augmenting the effectiveness of communication across all media and events.


It was also because of their multi cultural background, that LeKub was commissioned by Unilever?s Headquarters in London to develop packaging for a new Lipton Ice Tea concept aimed at the Turkish market: a project where the combination of global knowledge & local understanding was to be extremely important.


In this case, Lipton being a global brand had a globally approved design and look, but the same time, the target market: Turkey, had a very specific attitude towards tea, it being a national drink that is mostly drunk hot! Clearly, local consumer habits, when it came to this product, were going to be significantly different, compared to Western Europe. Unilever?s concept was to propose Lipton Ice tea as a drink to be taken at meal times, a theme which was then amplified by LeKub, via the development of visuals depicting the product associated with typical Turkish meal of meat-balls and Mediterranean salad. Then, by carefully weaving these images into the fabric of the global design, LeKub was able to retain the integrity of the internationally approved Lipton positioning, whilst transforming it, to become more appropriate for the target market and bringing the brand closer to the Turkish consumer.


Clearly, Le Kub?s partners believe that to be successful, their design work has to be effective in the marketplace, this is why, taking the ?boutique? approach further, they like to work closely with clients through testing phases, often offering to be present during consumer tests and making minor design adjustments during testing, in order to ensure the most efficient and effective results are achieved. ?Speed to market is more important today than it has ever been?, Says Emmanuel de la Houssaye ? Creative Director & Partner, ? By being present and adjusting design proposals in testing phases, we can immediately take on board consumer comments and move the brand forward fast and efficiently?.


There is no doubt that the fmcg landscape is changing, brands today need small, fast and efficient teams that are multicultural and can understand their business.  This is the essence of LeKub?s new concept: Delivering great design expertise and linking this to a boutique service that combines a tailored and personal approach, that includes, knowledge gathering, strategic thinking and design innovation.

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