What could replace sweets as impulse purchase?

21 Jan 2014


Today?s shoppers expect a wide selection of high-quality fresh produce. But a successful produce department also needs something more: the right atmosphere. Consumers should feel good about their shopping experience. They need to be reached on an emotional level.

Purchasing decisions are not always logical. Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are amongst the healthiest foods available. Nevertheless, viagra consumption levels are disappointing.

Spur of the moment purchases play an important role ? especially in the fresh produce department. Food retailers and fresh produce suppliers can make a big difference. This has been clearly demonstrated with impressive results.

With sweets now being removed from the check outs in major retailers like Tesco, Lidl, Sainsbury and others, this now begs the question, could not fruit and vegetables replace them there?

What could replace sweets as impulse purchase? | Converting Guide 21 Jan 2014 at 19:19

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