Screw lid creates interest for salami!

20 Jan 2014

Grilstad Salami

Salami manufacturer, recipe the Norwegian Grilstad, here opted for a new packaging format when a survey run on behalf of Grilstad showed clearly that Norwegian consumers were not satisfied with the available packaging for sliced salami and would prefer a twist-off, buy screw-on lid to replace the traditional tear-open flexible pack.

The results were so clear that Grilstad decided to act immediately, with the goal of being the first on the market with this type of salami packaging. The company came up with the idea of also using the pot upside down so that the lid acts as a serving dish ? an innovation which further enhances ease of use. It can then be resealed easily, minimising food waste.

Development Manager at Grilstad, Terje S?rnes, explains: ?We chose the pot because it is the only solution on the market offering three desirable qualities all in one: an oxygen barrier, decoration with In-Mould Labelling and a twist-off screw-on lid.

?When we came up with the idea of using the pot upside down, we found it so obvious that we had to ask ourselves why no one had thought of it before.?

Grilstad reports good sales since the 1 September launch for all three of its varieties; Jubelsalami, Supersalami and Tr?nderf?r in 120g and 150g variants.

The company says that the new approach to sliced salami has generated substantial media excitement: ?The attention that we got from the media was overwhelming. Thanks to the packaging, we received a great deal of coverage in major newspapers and news websites.

?Also on our Facebook page, the new pack has created a lot of buzz – people want salami with a twist-off screw-on lid.?

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