Private label showing strong growth in Poland

18 Dec 2013

PP private label

According to the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita, capsule sales of private label goods in Poland have grown by 14.5 percent in the past year, discount whereas the food retail market has grown by only 2.5 percent.  This is due to the strong price difference, stuff which may be as much as one third as well as increasing belief that private label can offer quality.

Nielsen, who carried out the research, say that the average shopper in Poland now uses 17.5 percent of the shopping budget for private label goods as a whole although it is as much as 19 percent for household cleaners and cosmetics.

With several hundred new discount retailers opening every year in Poland, the growth of private label is likely to continue.

According to Nielsen, 53 percent of consumers buying private label goods does it for the lower price as compared to brand labels.  However consumers are not just seeking a good price.  Forty percent seem to believe that private label can offer better quality and one quarter believe that private label offers just as good quality as brand labels.

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