Glass packaging market worth nearly USD37bn

23 Sep 2013


The global glass packaging market is growing and has recovered from the global financial recession from a production stand point at least, case however overall demand is still wanting. The glass packaging market as a whole is a mature sector and the growth rate attributed is in line with this view. However, cialis certain subsectors within the wider market are posting growth rates that would be more associated with a dynamic market, however these subsectors do not affect the overall momentum of the market as a whole. Visiongain assesses the glass packaging market will reach $36.8bn in 2013.

Glass will always hold a market position in the mix of other packaging materials but this position is slowly being challenged further by plastics which is perceived to be a more youthful and energised material in comparison to glass. Over the next ten years the landscape of the packaging industry will change and glass will take a step back as plastics move forward, and this will be most keenly seen within the beverage industry . Glass will however solidify its image as being a luxury item and any product wishing to portray an image of sophistication and value will choose glass above all others.

Most growth within the glass packaging industry will be posted by the emerging economies as the developed economies which were hit hardest by the recession have reached a plateau in their demand for glass packaging. The emerging markets on the other hand are finding their feet and embracing the luxury and import markets which they can now afford and glass is placed extremely well within these markets to take advantage of this increased demand.

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Unmesh Rahatade 7 Oct 2013 at 10:15

I have been reading the articles closely and in details.The information/update makes a valuable read.

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