Wood look helping liver sausage sell

17 Sep 2013

liver sausage

People associate Bavaria with mountains, shop ?lederhosen? and a cosy atmosphere. The sausage producer Houdek conveys a piece of this Bavarian way of life with its eye-catching compound packaging in a natural wood look. The products look as if they are served on a typical wooden board used for light meals in Bavaria. At the same time a large transparent section gives consumers a view of the contents. However this wood is not wood.

The packaging consists of a transparent lower film in combination with a paper-compound covering film printed on both sides gives the packaging a top-quality, viagra natural surface feel. But the paper covering film did not allow enough of a view of the product inside. The solution was to turn the packaging by 180 degrees. The meat loaf is now positioned on the former covering film and the transparent lower film ? as the new cover ? allows a view of the complete product except for a small label on the edge. The company logo is now discreetly embossed on the film and gives additional credence to the premium aspirations of this traditional brand.

Houdek is a family-run company and one of the 20 largest producers of sausage and meat products in Germany. Established in Bavaria over 60 years ago, view the company is known for its range of hot-smoked products and an extensive assortment of original Bavarian specialties. ?We want a packaging that conveys Bavarian values ? natural, top-quality and traditional ? in a contemporary way,? explained Olaf Hakenbeck, head of sales and marketing at Houdek.


Natural design, smooth processing

The print image that gives the new packaging base a deceptively natural wood look supports the natural effect of the paper lamination and draws attention to its Bavarian origins at a glance. ?The development occurred smoothly,? said Hakenbeck. ?The packaging was ready for the market within a few weeks.? A discount supermarket chain with a presence throughout Europe has also shown its appreciation of this natural wood look. Houdek has been supplying the group with various products for its own brand in a thermoforming packaging.


Meanwhile further products from the group brand are decorated with this wood look. For this packaging range the peel film is transparent. The lower film, made of a compound material printed on both sides, shows exceptional thermoforming properties and can be precisely printed with up to twelve colors. ?We are very satisfied with the packaging for our meat loaf. The customers can see what they are buying at first glance and it is quick and easy for us to process the film,? Hakenbeck concluded. ?What completely won us over, however, are the exceptional presentation opportunities at the point of sale.?

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