Nanopackaging market worth USD20bn

25 Aug 2013


The economic crisis has hindered packaging demand. This has led to an increase in global competition which has meant that the selection of goods on offer is as high as it has ever been. In fact, viagra sale the marketplace is almost too saturated, health with consumers having to sift through a number of similar looking products in order to find what they are looking for. However, the availability of nano packaging can provide some differentiation as it constitutes a unique, new form of packaging that has captured consumer attention.

Visiongain expects the global nano packaging market to attain USD20bn in 2013.

The global increase in competition has meant that the contemporary consumer has become more prudent and careful in their purchasing decisions and this has been even more important given the saturated nature of the shelf life. As a consequence, consumers have become more sophisticated and are looking for a higher level of quality in packaging than they are generally used to. The economic crisis has meant that this higher level of packaging quality is being demanded at an affordable price and consumers seem to be benefiting from this. Again, some of the features that nano packaging has to offer have been able to address the needs of the increasingly demanding consumer . Consumers are looking for extended shelf life to allow for flexibility in consumption, and this is an area that nano packaging has been able to address and there is a continuing research currently being conducted on the topic. The strong barrier properties of nano packaging are one of its most redeeming features and will play a considerable role in driving growth over the duration of the forecast period.

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