Film introduced which stops potatoes going green

25 Aug 2013

Asda conrich crystal trolley shot

Food waste reduction remains high on the agenda for retailers. With this in mind, British retailer Asda has launched a range of packed potatoes using a film which it claims has a significant increase when compared with conventional pack.  This is due to modifying the atmosphere in the pack.

Extending the life of fresh produce during transportation, storage and on-shelf is becoming increasingly important in the battle to reduce waste.  This film works by drawing moisture away from fresh produce, creating an environment that can help to prevent decay. The film has oxygen barrier qualities that can be manipulated using laser technology, modifying the film to create packaging that can optimise the shelf-life of various types of fresh produce. In Asda’s case, the film was adapted to allow an increase in gas transmission through the film to manage oxygen levels in order to reduce the risk of the potatoes going green whilst in storage on or in the store.

Jon Wynn, Asda Produce Category Technical Manager claims that the use of this type of film has resulted in a 92 percent fall in complaints after using it for only five weeks.

Viridiflex is a laminate structure that has been designed by Ultimate Packaging’s technical team, working closely with Innovia Films and customers involved in the harvest and packing of fresh produce to supply retailers across Britain. NatureflexTM film, manufactured by Innovia Films, has extremely high gloss and provides a degree of permeability to moisture. This controlled moisture release prevents dehydration on one side and mould growth on the other. Using Natureflex as a component makes Viridiflex ideal for extending the shelf-life of a range of fresh produce.



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