Rigid plastic market worth USD161bn

21 Aug 2013

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The global rigid plastic packaging market will experience a significant degree of change over 2013-2023. The emerging markets will show strong growth driven by increasing disposable incomes. There is also a considerable degree of immaturity in the emerging markets and multinationals will look to expand in these regions. The emerging markets will also play an important role in changing the dynamic of competition in the global rigid plastic packaging market.

Visiongain has determined that the value of the global rigid plastic packaging market in 2013 will reach USD161.11bn.

Lower labour costs mean that more companies will be able to enter the rigid plastic packaging market and there will be a global increase in competition. This will benefit the consumer who will be exposed to a greater variety of products at a lower price. The developed markets will show less growth and this will partly be due to the poor state of the economic situation in Europe. Furthermore, diagnosis cheap sustainability is a particularly prominent theme and will play a notable role in restraining the rigid plastic packaging market.

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