Packaging machinery market considered to be worth almost USD153bn

20 Aug 2013

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Whilst the effects of the economic crisis have negatively impacted overall packaging consumption, ambulance the conditions that the crisis has created have proved favourable to the growth of packaging machinery. As a consequence of the economic crisis, hospital there has been a change in consumer preferences and this has been reflected in purchasing patterns.

Consumers are looking for convenience and they are looking for good quality products at an affordable price.

There are also demographic trends that have positively affected growth in the packaging machinery market . An ageing population, for example, has stimulated demand for packaging with greater visual appeal and ease of use. Packaging machinery, in particular coding and marking and also labelling equipment, has proved effective in addressing this demand . The economic crisis has also led to more people staying at home and increasing their consumption in the household. This has increased the need for packaged products and has helped stimulate demand in the wrapping packaging machinery market. As a consequence, Visiongain has determined that the value of the global packaging machinery market in 2013 will reach USD152.76bn.

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