We are now prepared to pay for our shopping bags

12 Aug 2013


Increased information on labels and environmental awareness seem to have been welcomed by consumers throughout the European Union, troche including those in Central Europe.  Not only are people interested in the calorific content of their food but also they want to know where it came from including how well livestock may have been treated. 

According to European Trusted Brands, treatment 90 percent of Poles say that they care about environmental issues and 62 percent say that they take cloth bags shopping.  What is most surprising is that people no longer seem to complain about having to pay for shopping bags.  This publication claimed in 2008 that environmental claims by hypermarkets was just a cynical attempt to improve the bottom line.  This may have been the motivation for charging for shopping bags, nonetheless biodegradable bags do cost more than petroleum based plastics and paying no longer seems to be an issue.  This writer has asked at checkouts in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary how consumers react and in the past two years has not heard of one complaint related to paying. European Trusted Brands says that 53 percent of Poles for example now prefer a paper based shopping bag to a plastic one.  Operators of the Silesia City Center retail park in Katowice, Poland say that people do not question paying up to fifty cents per bag.

According to European Trusted Brands, 82 percent of Poles will pay extra for an environment logo (Przyjazny dla środowiska).  Sixty two percent believe companies who claim that they take care of the environment.  On the other hand – and perhaps illogically – according to Silesia City Center only twenty percent will consider the environmental logo before making a purchase decision.

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