Hot weather good for drinks sales

12 Aug 2013


After an awful spring, ask the heatwave across Central and Eastern Europe is now well into its third month and this is very good news for drinks producers.  Various companies are predicting record sales.  Coca Cola is now working around the clock, sickness seven days a week producing all sorts of drinks.

According to research company Nielsen, try sales of non alcoholic drinks in Poland came to PLN5.7bn (around EUR1.4bn) in the first six months of this year which is around one percent less than in the same period of last year.

Water however is doing much better with sales of around PLN1.45bn (around EUR350m), an increase of 2.4 percent.  Nonetheless bottled water now faces a new competitor – tap water.  Three years ago, authorities in Warsaw said that cold tap water was safe to drink following a lead from the former mayor of London Ken Livingstone.  Nonetheless many people are clearly very suspicious of tap water which may be safe, but the pipes bringing it in may not.


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