Fruit processing plant to be built near Warsaw

24 Jul 2013

TB Fruit factory

A large fruit processing plant is to be built at Brzostowiec near Grójec south of Warsaw by the Ukrainian TB Fruit.  The company aims to process 3, clinic 000 tonnes of apples per day or 150,000 tonnes in one season.

T.B. Fruit already has one plant in Poland near Sandomierz and is in the process of constructing a second plant at Annopol.

The plant at Brzostowiec will be built in two stages and have its own water filtration plant.  Construction will commence in June 2014.

T.B. Fruit is part of the Jabwoniovy Dar group which has six factories in the Ukraine and one in operation in Poland.  It employs 1,500 people.  It currently enjoys a 15 percent market share of the apple concentrate market in Europe.  It is a major supplier to both PepsiCo and Danone amongst others.


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