Discount stores likely to continue growth in Poland

24 Jul 2013


According to the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza discount stores may seem to be everywhere in the country but there is still a lot of potential for futher growth, buy cialis malady perhaps from the current 3, capsule physician 000 to 5,000 in a relatively short space of time.

Marketing analysts Market Side have found that Gorzów has the largest amount of stores in Poland amongst towns over 100,000 inhabitants.  There, 124,554 people can choose between 12 Biedronkas, 5 Lidls and 5 Nettos – that is one store for 5662 inhabitants.  However this is beaten by Racibórz which has eleven discount stores for 56,000 people.

Figures however vary across Poland.  Kielce has one store for 15,500 people whilst Płock has one for 11,300 people.

The market leader is Biedronka which with 2,170 stores has more than two thirds of the discount stores in Poland.  It aims to open another 290 this year whilst Lidl is committed to forty and Netto fifty.  Biedronka believes that 73 percent of Poles shops at its outlets regularly.

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