Polish bishops call for ban on alcohol advertising

22 Jul 2013


Bishops in Poland are calling for a complete ban on alcohol advertising, sickness an increase in prices and limiting the amount of stores that can sell alcohol.  They are backed by a state funded anti alcohol agency as well as certain politicians.  Ignoring the fact that much alcoholism comes from home made brews, the bishops argue that an advertising ban would support healthy families and modern society.

Poland does not permit advertising of strong alcohols which need to resort to other methods of promotion including events, sponsorship, packaging, POS and social media. However after a trial ban in the early part of the last decade, beer advertising is allowed.

According to the Polish statistical office GUS, the average Pole drinks around 925cl of spirits per year but experts believe that this would rise to around eleven litres if illegally distilled alcohol were added into the equation.

Consumption increases in the summer to around thirty percent more than the figure for the spring.  Poles however consume less spirits than that in many other countries.  Furthermore the statistical amount is increasing in Poland possibly due to the declining amounts of home made alcohols.

Alcohol abuse causes losses of over EUR10bn per year in Poland through damage to health, family problems, crime, accidents, work days lost and other reasons.


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