Bean importer upgrades lines

15 Jul 2013

ish.2012.034 Heng Sieng close up dispersion table with product (PR shot)

France?s biggest producer of bean sprouts, look Heng Sieng SA, order has automated its packing operation with the installation of two multihead weighers that deliver the necessary combination of gentle and hygienic handling with fast and accurate weighing.

Established 20 years ago, Heng Sieng SA imports mung bean seeds from Asia and germinates them to produce quality fresh bean sprouts. The company has transformed itself from a cottage industry serving the local catering trade to a major supplier across Europe, with its own well-known Sojalor brand, and the Ishida weighers have played an important part in the transition.  Today, the company produces 7200 tonnes annually with a turnover of ?5m.  It recently moved to a 9000m2 site at Dieuze, north east of Nancy.


When CEO Mr Ly decided to automate the packing stage, he looked for a method that could overcome the tendency of the sprouts to stick to contact surfaces yet would avoid damaging the delicate product whose appeal lies largely in its crunchy freshness.


As Heng Sieng Maintenance Manager Mr Raphaël Dupont says, ?That?s why he naturally went to Ishida.?


The Ishida CCW-R-214-WS-50-WP features stainless steel, hex-embossed contact parts which discourage sticking while the large (5L) double-opening hoppers ensure a decisive transfer of product from pool to weigh hopper and from weigh hopper to discharge chute, while protecting the sensitive shoots from crushing or tearing.


The two weighers are mounted on gantries above vertical bagmakers, and fed by flighted elevators.  Speeds – about 80 bags per minute for 500g bags and 35 bags per minute for 4kg bags – are currently held in check by the performance of the bagmakers, but the resultant throughput is perfectly adequate for current needs and leaves plenty of room for handling increasing demand.


Equally important, the design of the weighers, with waterproof bodies and contact parts that lift off for cleaning, are a vital part of Heng Sieng?s stringent hygiene measures, in accordance with HACCP guidelines, that are implemented throughout its operation.

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