Steel recycling growing

1 Jul 2013

Europe has taken yet another step in the direction of a truly recycling society. The latest figures released by APEAL shows that European households recycled more steel packaging in 2011 than the previous year, remedy increasing the percentage of steel packaging recycled for the 12th successive year.

2.6 million tonnes of steel packaging were recycled by European households in 2011, corresponding to an average rate in Europe of 74%. If that volume were to fill a freight train, the train would need to stretch all the way from New York to Berlin! In terms of weight, that?s enough steel to manufacture 246 Eiffel towers.

What do these recycling figures mean for the planet?

A tonne of recycled steel saves over one and a half times its weight in CO2 emissions. The emissions saved by steel recycling in 2011 are equal to almost 2 million flights from Brussels to Tokyo. A tonne of recycled steel consumes 70% less energy. By recycling 2.6 million tonnes of steel packaging in 2011, households across Europe have saved the equivalent of almost half Belgium?s annual electricity consumption. 2011 reinforces the long term trend for steel as the most recyclable and the most recycled packaging material in Europe.

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